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Fukura Shuzo

Fukura Shuzo is located on the shore of Lake Togo in Yurihama Town.
From Brewing Year 2007, Fukura Shuzo decided to start making its own brand (by its own employees).
The Production Manager belongs to the Izumo Toji Association and will continue to work on sake production while carrying on the Izumo Toji tradition.
In the brewing process, foundations are reviewed, improvements are made where they can as we aim to make sake that carries on the traditional brewing methods inherited from the Meiji era.

Introduction to Fukura Shuzo

For the Tokutei meishoshu (class specified sake), we mainly use Yamadanishiki, which is grown under contract with a young farmer from the neighboring town of Misasa, and Tamasakae, which is grown locally by a contract farmer in Yurihama.

Our commitment to sake brewing

The town of Yurihama is known for the cultivation of the “20th century pear”, a type of Japanese pear, the taste of which is the pride of the town. It is a product of the blessed earth and natural water. We source our water from several locations; local Yurihama spring water, spring water called "Jizodaki" in Uno, as well as the living spring water managed by the local government, which, according to analysis, is as good or better than the best water in the prefecture and is perfect for sake brewing.
We make the most out of the local water sources as this is a vital part of our commitment to quality sake brewing.


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